Our Mailing Program

Helps You Stay In Touch With Your Members

Request additional information below to get your first 6 months of postage for free!

The recent coronavirus outbreak has led to confusion, cancelled services, and a breakdown in communication for churches across the country. Help your church to connect to your members during this challenging time with a Mailing Program from NCS. 

The Benefits of a Mailing Program Include:

Envelopes Directly Mailed to Your Members

Send both your weekly envelopes and any of our special occasion envelopes directly to your members - no pickup required!

Courtesy Reply Envelopes

Give your members the ability to mail in their weekly contributions, in the event that services are cancelled. 

Customized Messages

Improve communication with your members by adding personalized messages from your ministry. 

Get Started Quickly

Our mailing specialists make enrollment easy, and there are NO start-up fees.

Minimal Administrative Tasks

Perfect for reduced, busy or remote working church staffs.