Boxed Sets

Promote Giving To Your Members Throughout The Year

Simplify and promote giving throughout the year with a boxed set program! Each boxed set contains a year’s supply of weekly envelopes for one church member or family, and are one of the easiest ways to ensure a member has an envelope for every service.


Boxed sets are also a flexible product that can be customized in a number of ways to fit the needs of your church. 

Benefits Include

  • Design flexibility

  • Regular giving

  • Increased giving compared to bulk

  • Numbering options for easy contribution reporting


Additional Options and Features

Special Offerings

Insert any of our special offering envelopes into your boxed set.


Addressed Boxed Sets

Adds a personalized touch to your members’ envelope sets.


Reflective Messages

Add preprinted inspirational messages to your envelopes with our Reflection Series.


Numbering and Dating

Dating options include calendar or perpetual. Numbering options include consecutively or per list.


Custom Packaging

Add your church name to the boxed set carton for a product that’s truly your own.

Auto Renew Program

The Automatic Renewal Program is the best way to guarantee that your church always has offering envelopes. Just sign up on your next renewal, and we’ll automatically process your order every year! As a bonus, the church will save 10% on your regular boxed set order, and all other National Church products!

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